From products for use with other companies’ gaming systems, such as Sorcerer and the d20 System utilized with the 3rd Edition of the world’s most popular role-playing game, Dungeons & Dragons, to his own original role-playing games and other creative works, Raven has spent almost two decades professionally writing, editing, and publishing gaming material and designs.

Below is a listing of Wild Hunt Studios’ currently available tabletop RPG products and other work. Please visit each product’s individual page for more details and purchase information.

  • At the Dawn
    Come to Creation to fight the Enemy in the North.
    Written in homage of Tolkien’s Silmarillion.
    PDF by request.


  • Niflgap
    Norse gods. Spaceships. Zombies.
    For Robin Laws’ Hillfolk Drama System.
    PDF via Pelgrane Press, Ltd.



  • Electric Ghosts
    Ghosts in the machine.
    A mini-supplement for the Sorcerer RPG by Adept Press.
    PDF via itch.io.

The following products are Out-of-Print.