The Way of the Magus


Wild Hunt Studio’s Way of the Magus series is intended to expand the options available to both wizard characters in the d20 system and to those playing them. There are currently two books in the series available for purchase via RPGNow.

On Language and Research concentrates on helping both GM and player bring the archetypal wizard character to brilliant life.

In that spirit, this book contains rules to help inspire the wizard to study crumbling scrolls and cryptic diagrams, and to seek out all containers of arcane knowledge. On Language and Research contains rules for:

  • including and using multiple magical languages in your campaign
  • magical spell experimentation (and its disastrous side-effects!)
  • spell research rules that allow a wizard to build up knowledge of a spell bit-by-bit
  • turning old tomes, fragmentary spell scrolls, and weird diagrams carven into walls into sources of useful magical knowledge
  • moldy parchments and books on magical theory as useful and exciting additions to the treasure horde
  • creating culture-based spell lists


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On Lotus Magic describes the forbidden use of the lotus drug, distilled from the essence of the lotus flower, to enhance the power of any spellcaster…for a price.

This book contains descriptions of five different loti and their effects, including the deadly black lotus, plus outlines rules for the dangers of addiction, injury and possible death that accompany their use. Will your character tempt fate to gain greater power, or are they enemy to those who sell and use these exotic and dangerous blooms?

This product is 15 pages, including cover; full color and bookmarked.


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