At the Dawn

At the Dawn is the role-playing game written in homage to JRR Tolkien’s Silmarillion, where the players take on the roles of elves, the perfect and immortal first-born, living at the dawn of creation and facing its wonders and horrors.

“…a beautiful concept. It’s amazing that Tolkein wrote four published novels plus volumes of backstory and then, historically, RPG play fixated on reenacting the Mines of Moria sequence a bazillion times.”

–Sydney Freedberg

At the Dawn is a role-playing game and art project about the Children of the First Land, of the West, who dwelt in the Halls of the Undying until the Enemy came and stole from them the Light of the Two Trees; they chased him to the East, into an as yet sleeping Creation, where they now dwell and wage war against dark armies in their quest to recover the Light.

Originally written in 2004 for the Forge’s Son of Iron Game Chef contest, it has been recently rewritten and clarified. If you would like to help playtest, please get in touch with Raven. You can use the contact form on this website.

A game or two of At the Dawn are also run at the Forge Midwest gaming convention, so if you attend, look for the announcement during one of the weekend slots.

Thank you for your interest!


As mentioned, this is also an art project, and if you would like to get an idea of the internal design of the book, a couple examples can be found here and here.