Raven provides quality cover and interior illustrations to small press and indie publishers for magazines, role-playing games, and novels, as well as graphic design services for print advertising and brochure layout. He has worked for clients such as Lovecraft eZine PublishingAdept Press (now Adept Play), Anvilwerks, Neoplastic Press, Driftwood Publishing, and others. For over two decades, he has been a member of The Artisan’s Quarter, the art-and-design arm of Athas.orgWizards of the Coast‘s official support group for their Dark Sun role-playing game–currently run by the Pristine Tower Development Group.

If you are looking to commission artwork, seeking help with graphic design for the web, print advertisements, or other projects, or seeking a writer or editor, please contact Raven via his Twitter or the WHS page on Facebook. You can also contact him via email, or via the link here, to discuss a project, receive a quote, or retain design services.


Rates & Other Information

Rates for work vary depending on the publisher, the scope of the project, and similar. Please contact Raven to discuss your budget and your needs for your project!

The standard illustration contract from Wild Hunt Studios is as follows:

  • Half the total payment is required before work begins on any contract; the remaining half is paid upon completion. Client receives print-ready finals after final payment.
  • Rough concepts are provided and approved before moving on to final versions; after concept approval, work begins on the final version and reasonable revisions are provided at no extra cost. After concept approval, new concepts requiring new finals or significant revisions will be billed as a new project.
  • The client receives contractually agreed-upon usage rights for the final artwork — usually first worldwide publication rights, to be used with a specific project and with promotion relating to that project is standard; additional rights, or all rights of ownership, can be negotiated.


Example Illustrations

Example illustrations from various projects–click to open a new window with a full-size view. More of Raven’s published and personal illustration work can be seen in his deviantArt gallery.


“Magma Gate.”
Secrets of the Deadlands, Interior.

Mythos Mysteries, Interior.


“It Sleeps Beneath the Thames.”
Lovecraft eZine Issue #33, Interior.


“One Charge Left.”
Fight On! Magazine Issue #9, Cover.


“Centropolis.” Centropolis RPG, Cover.


Neoplastic Press, Interior.


“Clutching Power.”
Secrets of the Dead Lands, Athas.org, Interior.


“The Peaselee Papers.”
Lovecraft eZine Press, Cover.

“The Fed.”
Centropolis RPG, Interior.

“The University.”
Centropolis RPG, Interior.

Neoplastic Press, Interior.

Netbook of Witches & Warlocks, Interior.

Lovecraft eZine Press, Cover.

“The Unmistakable Shape of Night’s River.”
Lovecraft eZine Issue #34, Interior.

“Autumn Cthulhu.”
Lovecraft eZine Press, Teaser Poster.

“Nightmare’s Disciple.”
Lovecraft eZine Press, Cover.

Adept Press, Cover (first ed.) Limited Tee.

Key20 Publishing, Interior.

“Sorcerer & Sword.”
Adept Press, Cover (first ed.)

“Call of Swashthulu.”
Evil Hat Productions, Re-mix Contest.