Gaming Resources

Resources for various role-playing games.

The Random Wuxia Name Generator

Need a cool-sounding name for a person, power, city, location, item or whatever quickly, or don’t think you’re cool enough to make one? (You are. Don’t worry.) There’s a web app for that. Right here. (I use it to name planets in No Man’s Sky.) The generator is highly customizable, and creates names like Iron Fist of the Seventh Moon, The Topaz General, Sea of the Five Hungry Waves, or Princess of Silk and Honey.


Band of Blades Resources

Band of Blades is a BitD system game about a relentless horde of undead and the retreat of a shattered mercenary company to a safe haven. A variety of links and downloads to help you play and hopefully help add to the experience!


Blades in the Dark Resources

Blades in the Dark is a game about scoundrels and criminals in a seedy, pseudo-Victorian city of ghosts and demons. Various links and files I’ve found or created that help you play or just add to the experience!


Blades Under Tyr PDF

Blades Under Tyr is a BitD reskin set in the city-state of Tyr, a desert city of strange beings on a dying world. This is not a complete game in itself and requires the Blades core book and the Dark Sun campaign box. The current document is version 0.2. (Updated 10-18-2022)

I’ve made some Google sheets to provide playbooks for Blades Under Tyr. Make a copy or download to use!