Blades in the Dark Resources

My collection of various resources for Blades in the Dark campaigns. I will add others as they are developed.

First, my Blades in the Dark Pinterest boards, with images found on the web that can inspire ideas for characters, ghosts and demons, steampunk tech, places in Doskvol, and so forth.

This is a collection of many links to fan creations from the official Blades in the Dark website. The Blades SRD can also be found here, along with a host of other information, merch, how to run Blades on Roll20, etc.

And these are links to the official — friendly and active — Blades in the Dark Discord server, and to the r/blades Reddit community.

Next, the final version release Scoundrel Action Cards meant for printing on cardstock. This is a seven page PDF of notecard-sized game aids listing various rules in an easy-to-reference format for both players and GM, including a page of clocks you can print out and use as-is, or laminate for use with whiteboard markers. If there are any rules references you would like to see added, let me know!

Finally, this is a selection of visual aides or immersive handouts I have created specifically for games I have been a part of, either as player or GM. Please feel free to use these in your own campaign for background fluff and color, or as props to provide hooks for the players.

Our cult runs a legit theater in Brightstone. Though the plays are occasionally subversive. And we also use the theater space to hold rituals. This is a pasteup advertisement I created for one of the theater’s dramatic productions. Art used is public domain, text and design of text is mine based on the style of Victorian pasteups.

The Panoramic Theater Presents ‘A Blanket for My Eels’

Something strange is happening in the Charterhall district…but there’s always something strange happening in Doskvol. You just have to read between the lines. This is a one-page “student newspaper” I created for Charterhall University–I was going for that cheap, smeary ink on cheap paper look. Art is cropped and altered from imagery found on the web; layout and text are mine.

The Charterhall Student Daily CCCXLVII322

Burglaries and banditry in Brightstone! Those Kessarins sound familiar, don’t they? At least to underworld ears. Hrm. But…a play about Skovland’s brutal defeat to raise money for Skovlan refugees? OUCH. Just what is Tenth-Hour thinking! This is a one-page “early edition newspaper” I created for the Brightstone district. Art is altered from public domain Victorian art found on the web; layout and text are mine.

Brightstone Free Press Morning Edition XIII315