Band of Blades Notecard Play-aids

Because the Band of Blades system has so many options and moving parts, it can seem overwhelming, so I designed notecard-sized player aids to help my group recall what they could do to gain dice, influence effect, and so on. Each player card details one of the options a player has available, and they work very effectively in play!

I also designed some notecards with reminders of things the GM needed to refer to on a constant basis. And because I was having such a difficult time wrapping my head around the Position & Effect resolution system in Band, I put together a notecard for that as well.[1]

If you downloaded these notecards before August 21st, 2020, please download the new version! The Legion’s Time clocks were accidentally set as 12-clocks instead of 10-clocks in version 1, and clarifying text and new cards have been added in version 1.2.

In particular, the Position-Effect Cheat Sheet has been corrected to remove Potency, Threat, and Scale from calculating Position: the creator has clarified these do not affect Position.

The Notecard Play-Aids PDF contains 12 pages, with eight cards per page. Cut out the cards and distribute them or keep them on hand. I suggest printing the cards on a light or medium cardstock for durability.

  • The first six sheets are the player cards listing the various options a player has available (Push, Devil’s Bargain, Resist, Flashback, etc). You only need print one of these sheets per player. I included a fifth and sixth copy of the sheet in case the GM desired a copy, and/or if a group decided to try the game with a fifth player.
  • The seventh sheet has two player cards (Fine & Potent and Fortune Roll) that can serve as rule reminders.
  • The eighth sheet has four player cards (Teamwork) to give to players, three cards for tracking campaign time (Summer, Fall, Winter) to remind the Legion they’re (*ahem*) on a clock, and one card for abstract Legion resources (Morale, Supply, etc).
  • The ninth and tenth sheets are quick reference cards (Scale, Harm, Consequences, etc), mainly for the GM. You only need to print one of these sheets, but you can print the other if the players want copies of this information on the table, too.
  • The eleventh and twelveth sheets are various-sized clocks (of 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 sections, labeled). There are four 4-clocks, and three of each other size clock. If you don’t want to keep printing out copies, for ease-of-reuse you can use small glass beads for tracking, or laminate the cards and use dry-erase markers!

Band of Blades Play-aid Cards v1.2

If you’re gaming on-line with a VTT, I’ve also created a batch of these cards in .png format, which you can upload and place on the play area or include as part of a gameboard. They’re available via a shared folder on Google Drive. There’s also a folder of simple clock icons I designed for use with Roll20.

[1] The Position/Effect notecard is a quick reference guide to help walk through setting the P/E for an Action roll: run down the list for Position; rotate the card, run down the list for Effect; rotate the card back, calculate potential Harm/Ticks; inform the players, discuss, make modifications as necessary.

Note: I have not listed “None” or “Exceptional” Effect levels on the card since I can keep them in my head. Remember: 1) a Position’s Consequence does not need to be Harm (I put Harm on the card because it needs more math), and 2) a Setup action influences either Position or Effect, but not both.