Grasping at the Peak

Thursday, June 10th, 2021

This is the first in a new series of regular(?) posts that will be going up over the course of the next few weeks, dealing with the Band of Blades campaign one of our groups recently concluded. These posts will provide the Mission Sheets written and designed for that campaign, and any additional notes or thoughts about each.

General information about how these sheets are laid out and meant to be used, the date system, etc. are detailed on their own page. It also contains a link to each published sheet.

As I’ve posted a detailed recounting of each mission on the official Band of Blades discussion forums, I am not going to re-post that material here (just search for Zora’s Legion on the forums — though the first mission is just Zora AAR — if you’re interested).

These are the mission sheets for the second mission phase[1], taking place at Plainsworth, as the Legion chose to advance immediately from the Western Front to best capitalize on their success at Hozelbrucke.

The Commander ignored this mission. Though there was no serious mechanical penalty to the Legion for doing so, it did come back to bite them later.

This was the primary mission (and turned out fun and wild). After safely reaching Ettenmark, the Grinning Ravens came across a band of deserters they convinced to rejoin the Legion (though they worried one or more of the deserters was a traitor! AND one of the deserters was actually the TWIN BROTHER of one of the Ravens!), raided a Black Oak fort for horses, then made a mad dash back across western Aldermark with their spoils, returning to Plainsworth half-starved.

This was the secondary mission. The engagement roll resulted in the loss of a couple Star Viper Rookies, but the ultimate success of the squad, and their sacrifices, earned the Legion the gratitude of the people of Plainsworth and its surroundings.

[1] I’ve started this series with the second mission phase, rather than the first phase, as the phase one missions (see the general link) were not the same ones I used for this game. For the first phase, at a player’s suggestion, we ended up just running the Hozelbrucke Bridge mission — usually the opening mission for a Legion who have taken Shreya as their Chosen — because I didn’t have anything else prepared at the time (oops).

Then, between games, I rolled up a quick secondary mission for the first phase — a Recon of a Black Oak campsite to sabotage a new weapon being built. The engagement roll did not go well, resulting in the loss of most of the Ghost Owls and severe injury to the Legion’s Scout.

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