Temple of the Night Serpent

Monday, August 3rd, 2020

My first map for public consumption drawn by hand using my own map assets. This was meant to be the centerpiece of a battle against yuan-ti cultists, but COVID has delayed my group’s ability to meet. Rather than allow it to languish unused, I’m sharing it.

Like the Tree Lair map posted previously, this is a huge map. It measures 44″x51″, using a 1-inch grid, each square equaling 5-feet, and has been uploaded at at 72dpi which should be suitable for any VTT. By request, I’ve also created a version without a grid which you can view and download here.

The map is drawn using false perspective to give it some depth and contour, and is not meant to adhere to the rules of true perspective. In most places, I used a very broad tip pen for the design, so it’s also a bit more rough than I usually prefer in terms of small illustrative detailing.

Feedback is very welcome!

Temple of the Night Serpent

Note that I have not attempted to print out this map, so I have no idea how the colors will turn out, if it will be too dark, and so on.

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