Keep of the Skeleton King

Saturday, March 21st, 2020

The first battlemap I ever put together for my group.

This is the courtyard of an ancient keep atop a promontory overlooking a river. A group of orc bandits had taken over the keep and were using it to store the goods they were stealing from caravans and travelers, which they would then sell or trade to river pirates using a winched platform (located elsewhere). Little did the orcs know that buried beneath the keep were dark caverns in which an ancient evil had been sealed…until the adventurers who had come to drive out the orcs accidentally awoke and released it!

The adventurers faced off against the skeleton king, who proved too powerful for them even without his squads of skeletal defenders, so they — wisely — decided to flee upwards, reaching the courtyard. Unfortunately, this required opening the gates while orc bandits fired crossbows at them from protected positions, with the skeleton king and an army of skeletons from the crypts underneath the keep not far behind!

The map is 34″x22″, with 1-inch squares representing 10 feet each. I apologize if the color is off when printed — it was, as noted, the first battlemap I’d ever designed, let alone printed out.

The Keep of the Skeleton King

The assets, as usual, are from or modified from those created by Ross of 2-Minute Tabletop, and used with permission. Please visit his Patreon for cool maps and mapping assets!

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