Electric Ghosts

    “We used to think that when the lights went out, the ghosts appeared. No, no…we had it all wrong. When the lights come on is when the ghosts come out to play.

Imagine waking up one day and discovering, realizing, that all the data you are working with, all the code you hack, all the buzzing equipment, isn’t clean; it isn’t pristine and white the way you’ve been taught technology is, it doesn’t obey the rules of logic the way you were shown it does, it isn’t a glorious tool and it definitely isn’t inanimate.

Machines gather ghosts, and sorcerers can call them out.”

A complete mini-supplement for the Sorcerer RPG by Adept Press (new link). In Electric Ghosts, the demons sorcerers summon are defined as ghosts born from the electric currents of modern technology. 40 pg., color & B&W illustrated, PDF only, $6.

Electric Ghosts can be purchased via itch.io.

“…when I bought it, I thought, $6, all right, let’s see what the happy guy has to say.

He has to say a lot. A whole, fucking fleet-load worth of stuff. I’m talking a daisy chain of oil tankers stretching across the dandy Pacific just chock-full of Raven-ness.

And none of it is worth missing.

I am psyched to play some Sorcerer again…I want to play it in Raven’s world. Hell, I want the little bastard to fly his ass to Chicago and hole-up with Ron and I at my place so I can turn the juice up on every appliance I own and play some Electric Ghost Sorcerer with the comforting background hum of damn-near 100 kilowatts per minute racing through my walls.

–Dav Harnish
author of Obsidian

“Electric Ghosts is – aside from its conceptual excellence – incredibly beautiful…an artist wrote and designed it, and it shows. High on the kilobytes, but worth it…Electric Ghosts fascinates me with its potential for harsh crime stories.”

–Ron Edwards
author of Sorcerer

Electric Ghosts Actual Play:
Lester Wachlowski’s No Good, Very Bad Day

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