ORX is now officially OUT-OF-PRINT in all formats. Sorry.

I keep coming across people and reviews mentioning ORX fondly, so the consideration occasionally flits through my brain of republishing an updated version. It’s possible that could happen if there’s enough interest.

“A lot of the more interesting indie RPGs take an old favorite and do something new. This is the case with ORX…a tension-filled fast-paced game of rapid-fire reversals and conflict, with orcs trying to push into danger as much as possible without getting killed, supporting their tribe yet backstabbing their fellows as they go. I can’t think of a better way to spend my time…Hell, it’s almost worth the $10 for the snappy tongue-in-cheek style…”

–Kirt Dankmyer


  • Gamerati has an extensive review of the game, by Kirt Dankmyer but the site appears to have eaten it during a redesign.

    “…a pleasure to read both on the screen and when printed out…The jokes had me literally laughing out loud, yet didn’t get in the way of learning the game…an excellent and well-written game.”

  • Way-Out “Wednesday”: ORX reviewed by Mad Pawn at the Velvet Dicebag. [Appears to be down, archive.org copy here]

    “Totally unique dice mechanics, bizarre humour at every turn, an elaborate Stakes system—but you should really just read the thing. It’s a very different kind of RPG.”

  • The RPG.net review of ORX by Christopher Richeson.

    “If you’re looking for a beer and pretzels RPG filled with backstabbing, nasty behavior, and clever dice mechanics then check out ORX.”

  • Murder Your Darlings in which Territan mentions ORX.

    “[Orcs] get into mischief, rise above their station, and ideally be taken down in a hail of crossbow-fire if there’s any justice left in the world…effing hilarious.”

  • One-Shot, High-Calibre RPGs, Part III by Korvettenkapitän Jasper Aurelius van der Meer on BoardGameGeek.

    “Until ORX, Warhammer 40k had one of the grimmest and funniest takes on Ork Kulture. ORX is a mud’n’blood bath of the most down and dirty of red shirts: the ork.”

  • A review by Eero Tuovinen. In Finnish. Which I (sadly and ashamedly) cannot read. If I recall Eero’s statement to me correctly, the review is a thumbs up. Google Translate tells me it sounds like this:

    “However, this is very well done and inspiring game with a wide range of opportunities for interaction between the characters…Orcs, the existence of a purpose, if you have a chance to catch strife. You should at least try, if the orcs of interest.”

(Clearly, Google Translate has been drinking.)