Calisco Civil War

Wednesday, January 19th, 2022

  I wasn’t planning on putting this Mission Sheet up, for the tenth phase of our Band of Blades campaign, as it deals with the Fort Calisco mission, which isn’t handled like other missions. But here it is anyways, since the sheet was mostly complete (I’ve finished fleshing it out for posting purposes) and you can see how we ran the mission in our campaign. As normal, this post includes some additional notes on meta-game events that affected play.

General information about these sheets and a full archive of previously posted sheets can be found on this page.

Having discovered the Lunar Crown, the Legion moves through the Talgon Forest towards Fort Calisco. The Spymaster was now no longer with the Legion–we narrated they had disappeared during the journey through the forest, leaving the Loremaster with their duties. The Legion arrives at the outskirts of Fort Calisco and finds it under siege by Breaker’s forces…but not Render.

Since they threw the Cinder King-corrupted Vlasim’s army into disarray and prevented his forces from moving through the mountains, the Black Oak and his undead are still occupied in the south, with Eastlake (after having torn down the walls of Westlake and slaughtered its people — which the Legion learned while in the Talgon using an Intel question). If the Legion dallies too long, those forces will arrive and join the siege.

There is only one mission when the Legion arrives at the fort — get the Legion inside — and you must complete it in order to advance (and keep trying if you fail). There is no secondary mission this phase. As noted in the prior mission sheet entry, it was at this point the group decided to use a flashback to use the slaughter of the squad during the prior mission as an opening for an advantage: that the Vipers had presented the Hag with intel and a dangerous deal.

The group decided to go all out to get the Legion into the fort. They sent Zora off to distract Breaker, with help from two legionnaires — one fitted with the Lunar Crown and the other with the Circlet of the Twins — to hopefully even things out if things got dicey for the Chosen. (Which it did.) Meanwhile, the Ember Wolves, along with Oysingra as an NPC, charged through the Burned, making for the gate. This went more easily than expected due to multiple crits. Notably, once inside, the PCs used Oysingra to gain Effect level boosts on a couple of rolls and a Fortune roll, as well as just for some narrative color.

The mission ended up consisting of three parts:

  1. reaching the fort after letting Zora’s diversion thin out the siege forces, and convincing the defenders to let the Legion in;
  2. driving Devourers off the walls so the archers could disrupt the Shadow Witch ritual breaking down the walls (which would also signal the Hag to begin her own assault on Breaker, as promised…starting a civil war among the ranks of Breaker’s undead forces, and creating a diversion large enough for the rest of the Legion and its supply carts and personnel to reach the fort);
  3. finally, a charge into the thick of the battle at the front gates, opening a path for Zora and her companions to make it safely into the fort.

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