One Fist, Two Fist, Three Fist…Um…

Monday, June 28th, 2021

Another set of Band of Blades campaign Mission Sheets, written and designed for the fifth phase of the campaign. The Legion has moved on to the Long Road, hoping to quickly reach the mountains where they will dig for artifacts and visit the temples in Gallow’s Pass. I’ve included additional notes on meta-game events affecting play and rulings.

General information and a full archive of previously posted sheets can be found on this page.

During the fifth phase, the Legion has moved forward onto the Long Road, but do not plan to stay long (despite the nature of the road). They want to reach the mountains ahead as quickly as possible. Luckily, they’ve horses aplenty thanks to the people of Plainsworth, and even a small group of fire-manes thanks to the Quartermaster’s old military contacts. The QM player had been wanting to inject some personal life stuff into the character, so we came up the idea of one of his old . It turns out this old friend had retired to Plainsworth to raise fire-manes…and such, the benefit of a very successful Acquire Assets roll.

Given their recent victory against Render, and because there had been a lot of focus on Render so far, I wanted to start making Breaker and her witchery a more central problem. However, I learned my players really liked focusing on Render-oriented problems, and often shuffled Breaker-oriented missions to the secondary. Perhaps that was just the way the Reward/Penalty feedback for missions ended up falling, and the Legion’s own designs and plans, pushing their choices, though.

This was a fun mission and could have gone all sorts of directions, but it ended up with the Legion taking a couple of the Black Oak alive for interrogatation. I decided one of them was a former legionnaire they all thought had died a heroic death, but who had actually switched sides (perhaps brainwashed by the Inquisitor). I should have brought her up a few times as a possibility for back-at-camp scenes centered around our Spymaster and such, but there were a whole bunch of other things distracting me around this point (we were trying to find a new player, another player started missing games, etc).

The players used this opportunity to decide which of the Twins had been Broken (since we know one of them is, but the book doesn’t say which), and left the relic spear behind.

The players decided to skip this mission as it provided almost the same rewards one of the others but did not have a penalty for ignoring. I never did get the chance to introduce Elia and make the Hexed a more central concern for the Legion. What does the “…get stitches” clock mean? You tell me! That’s the fun part about some of the clocks I put on these: they aren’t specifically defined. What do they mean? How would you use them?

This is where I messed up from one of the prior missions. I’d already established the Legion took care of Breaker’s attempt to create a Skull Pillar, but a couple weeks delay between sessions had wiped it from my mind. I wasn’t thinking about that victory when I wrote this up, was trying to come up with good Breaker missions for this up-coming round of play, and had clearly forgotten to check my notes. This time around, the assault on the Pillar of Skulls didn’t go well at all, and the squad was decimated. Cue Devourers being able to appear in forthcoming missions.

Sadly, I didn’t get the chance to go all “Great Eagles fly the Fellowship to the mountains” with the Sacred Beasts of Vazra.

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