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Niflgap Now Available

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014


It is time! Vikings! Zombies! Spaceships!

Sail the black tides of the cosmos in “Niflgap.”

Pelgrane Press has released the latest “Series Pitch of the Month” for the DramaSystem, Raven Daegmorgan’s Niflgap, based on ideas from his long-unpublished RPG, Dead*Space: as the universe dies, you, the fractious Norse gods, set forth in starships from lonesome Midgaard, hoping to find salvation in the void where armies of the hungry dead writhe endless beneath black suns.

You can order Niflgap, and all the other great pitches, from the Pelgrane Store. Look under ‘Other Publications’.

Into the Gap

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012


Dead*Space may finally be seeing the light of day, at least a form of it is. Robin Laws’ recent Kickstarter for his Hillfolk game included solicited pitches for different settings to use the game system with. My accepted pitch was based heavily on the ideas I’ve been developing for Dead*Space over the last eight years, though this iteration has its own unique twist.