BitDD Alpha Release

Wednesday, January 19th, 2022

 If you’ve ever played Red Hook Studio’s Darkest Dungeon video game and thought “I wish this were an RPG” and then thought “Stress and trauma in a gothic shell? That sounds like Blades in the Dark!” then oh boy do I have something for you!

This is an early attempt to put together a BitD version of DD, appropriately enough called Blades in the Darkest Dungeon. It needs work–probably a lot of work. But I would love some eyes-on, or even a playtest if you’re up for it, to see what I’m not seeing.

I’ve been worrying away at this for a couple years now, so the text and rules need fresh perspectives to catch all the little horrors hiding in the shadows and under the dressers. I’ve hosted the download on my itch.io page, so that is the best place to get the latest version, and the link below will bring you there.

Please give it a read, and if you notice anything you’d like to comment on, you can contact me via the methods on the Contact page here, leave a comment, or sign on to the official Blades in the Dark Discord server and ping me.

Thanks everyone! Looking forward to your feedback.

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