Tree-Lair of the Drop Bears

Saturday, March 7th, 2020

I’ve been running a heavily modified version of the 1st Edition AD&D module The Forbidden City for our group. There is a tribe of bugbears — which our group has renamed “drop bears” because of the bugbears’ preferred tactics and the Australian urban legend — who live on a series of platforms built high in the branches of the giant trees in the city, so I had to make a battlemap for this location because it is just a wild and crazy environment to have a battle in! (And those make the best battlemaps.)

Beware, however, this map is huge — the entire map is 34″x44″, using a 1-inch grid, where one square equals 5 feet. There are four levels of platforms here, denoted by shading to give it a bit more of a 3D feeling. And not only are there platforms, there are spots that could be doors leading into hollowed interior spaces in the trees!

Lair of the Treefolk

Note that this is a modified version of a map originally created by Ross of 2-Minute Tabletop. Please visit his Patreon for more cool maps, and mapping assets for the more artistically-inclined!

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